Echo music Q&A: The Primitives on Ian Broudie, Mud and the Moomins

By Jade Wright on May 31, 13 12:10 PM in Previews

THE Primitives were championed by John Peel on his radio show, with many an appearance in his Festive Fifty. Morrissey named them as one of his favourite bands and they developed a cult following with their shimmering jangly guitars.
Last year they released their first LP in 21 years, a collection of covers of 1960's obscurities, called Echoes & Rhymes. This year they released their retrospective Everything's Shining Bright The Lazy Recordings 1985 - 1987. They come to Eric's on Mathew Street on Sunday June 23, so I caught up with guitarist PJ Court for this week's ECHO music Q&A.

Are you looking forward to playing Liverpool?
Yes, the Lomax was a highlight of our UK tour in 2012.
Do you have any happy memories of the city?
Recording our album Galore with Ian Broudie at Amazon studio in the 1990
Which song is stuck in your head today?
Les Petite Ballons by France Gall
What's on your iPod/stereo today?
The last two albums I bought - Clothilde - French swinging Mademoiselle 1967 and The Fallen Leaves - If Only We'd Known
What was the first album you bought?
Mud's greatest hits
Which musician do you most admire, and why?
Poison Ivy from The Cramps. It's to do with the economy of the playing - only doing exactly what's needed. I feel more of an affinity with female guitarists.
Have you ever been told you look like anyone famous?
When I was a teenager I was told I looked like whoever had been on TOTPs that week that was skinny and had black hair - Gary Numan, Marc Almond, Adam Ant. I didn't look remotely like any of these people.
If we ended up in a karaoke club, what would you sing?
The only time I did karaoke, I sang The Letter by The Box Tops, which is very short, so I'd do that again.
What song would you like played at your funeral?
We All Make The Little Flower Grow by Lee Hazlewood.
What was your most embarrassing moment?
When I put on some of my baby daughter's sun cream before nipping into town one hot and sunny day a few years ago. Thought I was getting some funny looks - got home and saw I had a green face.
What is your most treasured possession?
I still have all the Moomin books I got in the mid 70s, so probably them or my 63 Fender Jaguar.
What's the funniest thing you've ever heard said or written about you?
That we were flogging the ground where a dead horse used to be.
Liverpool or Everton?
Football? Sorry you've got me there.
Close your eyes. If I was your fairy godmother, what would your three wishes be?
Some biscuits, two more biscuits and world peace
The Primitives play Eric's on Sunday June 23. Tickets £12 from the Eric's box office 0151-236 9994 or See Tickets.

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