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The Troubadours are a former ECHO Unsigned Band of the Week, a gang of four early 20s lads from Speke, Runcorn and Wigan, who have been gigging around town for years, until a chance encounter changed everything.

Now they have been picked up by producer John Leckie, famed for his work with the likes of the Stone Roses, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, and their debut single – Gimme Love – has been championed by Zane Lowe and Jonathan Ross.

“It was weird, I turned on Radio 2 and our single was on,â€? says bassist Tony Ferguson. “We’d been on Radio Merseyside a couple of times, but hearing ourselves on Jonathan Ross’ show was amazing.â€?

Their rollercoaster ride began with a chance meeting at Anfield.

“Our singer Mark Frith is a big Liverpool fan,â€? explains Tony. “He went to watch them play West Ham just before Christmas, and while he was there he got talking to a West Ham fan who turned out to be a music manager. It all went from there. It was one of those bizarre coincidences that just works out.

"We were quite nervous about getting a manager - a lot of them promise loads and deliver nothing. He was the exception to the rule."

The lads have recorded a video for the single in the Zanzibar on Seel Street and have been back and forth to London over the last few weeks doing photoshoots for music magazines and playing for record labels.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen yet,â€? says Tony. “We’ve had meetings with some really good record companies, and hopefully one of them will take us on.â€?
See the Troubadours live at the Zanzibar on October 26 and find out more at

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